Software for the rest of us...

At Zen Technology Group we try to keep an open mind about software because it seems like we find something new and innovative almost every day!

Open Source web-based software is one of the very cool software ideas to be popularized in the last several years. It started with the open source Linux and Apache operating systems and migrated to database and scripting languages like PHP and MySQL and now there are literally thousands of open source business applications built on these platforms for your business to take advantage of.

How can you get custom software for your business from an open source platform?

The idea is to start with an application that has a proven solid base of code that meets 90%+ of your basic business requirements and then make the modifications necessary to match your business needs. In a many cases the applications are already functionally complete and the only thing needed is to add your company's branding. The web based software you will find on this site are examples of this concept and Zen Technology Group can match your company with the software that best fits your needs AND your budget.

Our initial consultation is free so there is no risk in contacting us today to seeZen Logo for yourself how our enlightened approach to technology can best meet your business needs.